“Instruction” is not always “nectar”; especially when it includes pointed suggestions of how we should improve our character. It’s easier on the ego to learn salsa dancing or how to improve our golf swing. But for the rare person looking to make progress in spiritual understanding, Nectar of Instruction is one of the most important guides available, as essential to the spiritual path as guardrails and yellow lines are to any driver.


Nectar of Instruction is a translation and commentary on Rupa Goswami’s Upadeshamrita; eleven verses on the most basic and essential principles of spiritual practice; how should an aspiring transcendentalist interact with the rest of society? What should be his work ethic? Whose company should he seek, and whose company should he avoid? Where should he live? How can one know if he’s making any spiritual progress at all? What, really, is the ultimate goal of life?


Nectar of Instruction

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  • Paperback, colour illustrations, 134 pages