Sometimes it pays to look back before we move forward. Eons ago, wise sages ingeniously preserved their priceless insights in books of wisdom. Their timeless teachings are clear, concise, and logical, packed with the potential to spark a quantum shift in thinking, purpose and action.

Fast forward a few hundred generations. It’s 1965. A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, an elderly saffron-robed monk, arrives in America. He wants to do the unthinkable – deliver these truths, in essence, and spark a global revolution of consciousness. Aged 69, homeless, penniless and alone, he winds up in the Lower East Side of New York. This is skid row. Every evening, his latest residence, the rat-ridden 94 Bowery, fills up with buzzing acidheads, bearded bohemians, ruined alcoholics and disillusioned dropouts. The Swami nonchalantly steps into the makeshift ‘temple’ and takes his seat at the front. His face exudes bottomless depth and boundless compassion. In short, straight, simple philosophical discourses, he teaches them eternal truths with resounding impact. His tremendous devotion empowers his urgent message to penetrate the depths of their consciousness. The revolution begins.


“In Essence” invites you into a dialogue with the Swami. Responding to the inquiries of the many people he spoke to, Prabhupada answers with logic, conviction and wit, drawing from the ancient treasure house of Vedic teachings. Without wasting time on peripheral details, he homes in on the most fundamental questions of life. There’s no holding back, as the Swami directly tackles the naked truth, exposing reality for what it is. This is wisdom like you’ve never seen it before. “In Essence” is a game-changer.

In Essence

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  • Hardback,  colour photos, 148 pages