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Who are we?

Five thousand years ago, a gathering of sages appeared on the banks of the sacred river Ganges.

Endowed with mystic vision, and brimming with compassion for the conditioned souls who were soon to enter an age of ignorance and quarrel, they sought solutions to the myriad problems that future generations would encounter on their journey through the material world.

What followed was the Srimad Bhagavatam - a detailed manifesto on the respiritualisation of the entire human society for the welfare of all.

Those future generations are us, the time is now, and the solution to all of life's problems is ecstatic loving devotion to the Absolute Truth, as taught but countless yogic sages and avatars since time immemorial.

With this in mind, and to honour and connect with those great sages, The Big Drum is a humble attempt to help facilitate the spiritual growth of everyone we meet through the timeless teachings of Bhakti Yoga.

We're getting together every week, right in the heart of Canterbury, to do just that. Send us a message to find out how you can get involved in one of our regular sanghas:

- elevate your consciousness with ecstatic mantra meditation set to live music (aka kirtan)

- transform your life by exploring timeless wisdom with the help of our resident & guest teachers

- nourish your body, mind & soul with the best veggie and plant-based soulfood in town

- discover the bliss of deeper & more meaningful relationships

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