Tall buildings, deep foundations

Anything that reaches great heights needs sturdy foundations. They're the humble, unsung heroes that hold everything else up but hardly ever get spoken of; unseen, but utterly necessary. 

The timeless wisdom of the Vedas tells us that building a successful life is no different.

Whether it's internal or external progress we want, we so often get caught up struggling to juggle the extraneous, fine details, that we forget the bread-and-butter stuff that holds the whole thing together.

Thankfully, the Bhagavad Gita is full of brilliant, practical and very straightforward advice on how to navigate the long and winding road we call life.

At this week's Saturday Soul Feast we'll be exploring two things; why incorporating a spiritual aspect to our lives is so important, and how to easily implement the basic essentials of spirituality into our everyday lives. 

For those who find the prospect of yoga and meditation daunting, or for those who want their current practice to run that little bit deeper; or anyone looking for an easy way to make some positive lifestyle changes before the new year runs away from us..... this is for you! 

If we haven't met you yet, why not come to the Umbrella Centre this Saturday to see what you've been missing and to start your year with a spiritual boost?

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