Special program this Saturday!

Every now and again someone comes along who makes radical changes, turning everything we thought we knew upside down and blowing open the realms of what we thought was possible. Whether its in the world of sport, art, technology or politics, these revolutionaries help us to expand our understanding of ourselves  and the world around us. Once in a while though, a personality will come who will revolutionise our entire worldview, and manifest a profound shift in consciousness. 

At this week's Saturday Soul Feast we'll be celebrating the appearance of Sri Chaitanya, the Golden Avatar. Appearing in west Bengal in the 15th century, this divine incarnation inaugurated the sankirtan movement - a non-sectarian spiritual revolution which centres around the congregational chanting of the names of the Krishna - and which has been spreading across the

world like wildfire.  We'll be discovering the nature of his appearance as well as hearing about some of his transcendental activities, alongside the usual mix of soul-stirring musical meditations and delicious spiritual food with a special program this Saturday from 5pm.

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