Special Guest from Brazil this Saturday!

After all the excitement of Thursday's festival in the Dane John Gardens, where over 150 people came to chant, dance and eat with us, the fun refuses to stop!

At tomorrow's Saturday Soul Feast we're looking forward to welcoming a very special guest all the way from Brazil!

HH Purushatraya Swami is a direct disciple of ISKCON's founder, Srila Prabhupada.

He was born in Brazil and has been in the Hare Krishna movement for over 40 years.

He entered the renounced order of life (sannyas) in 1985 and regularly travels throughout Portugal, Spain and Latin America.

He is a initiating guru, the spiritual leader of the Goura Vrindaban farm community in Brazil and is also the author of many Krishna Consciousness books.

It's a wonderful opportunity to come together and experience the bliss of bhakti yoga in the company of a truly special soul, so we hope to see you at the Canterbury Umbrella Centre from 5pm tomorrow!

Hare Krishna!

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