New-Look Soul Feast Starts This Saturday!

There have been a lot of new beginnings for us lately; from the Sunday Lunch programs at the 101 Club in Margate to the start of a new university year for our increasingly blissful KCSOC at the University of Kent, and finally, the beginning of a new season as we head into Autumn.

Keeping with the theme, the Saturday Soul Feast has decided to freshen up as well! From this week onwards we will be using the front door of the centre (on St Peter’s Place) instead of the back door which we’ve used in the past.

It’s nicely lit for these darker months (the previous entrance was rather dim and dangerous, especially in wet weather!), and makes it much easier to get to the program upstairs without having to traipse through the entire centre. (The lift will still be available to use for anyone who needs it).

For those who drive, please feel free to

continue parking at the back of the centre

when you come!

Looking forward to seeing everyone for

an exciting program this evening!

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