Can you help supply books to students?

Every year we team up with a hardworking group of students to create an on-campus community centred around making spiritual knowledge available to the fine young people of the University of Kent.

Over the last few years it's been a much-needed lifeline for hundreds of stressed-out, homesick - or just plain inquisitive - students who have found peace, friendship and the answers to life's biggest questions by attending our weekly events.

For the students who form the committee of the UKC Bhakti Yoga Society, it's an opportunity to relish the bliss of serving their fellow students by sharing with them the solution to all of life's problems and to turn their uni years into a truly life-changing experience.

Our biggest way of reaching out and helping students is by making sure they begin their uni experience the right way - with one of our transcendental books!

We've distributed thousands of spiritual books to students who otherwise wouldn't have access to this knowledge - and the core of our campus community is made up of young people who have received a book from us in this way.

As fresher's week is nearly upon us we'd like to carry on that vital service. With covid restrictions meaning our usual ways of meeting students are severely limited at the moment, this fundraiser will be a real lifeline for hundreds of young people! Please visit the fundraiser here to donate, share with your friends and find out more!

Thank you and Hare Krishna!

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