"Can we live with death and be happy?" Special live broadcast today at 6pm.

Ancient wisdom - and practical experience - tells us that death is a prominent part of life. Yet few of us like to hear about it, and our modern society works incredibly hard to avoid it. In the current Covid-19 outbreak, death is being brought much closer to home - uncomfortably so for many of us. 

5,000 years ago a great king was cursed to die within seven days. His response was so profound that it inspired a gathering of great sages to engage in a discussion which would change the course of the world.

This conversation was recorded and preserved as the Srimad Bhagavatam - the cream of all spiritual knowledge. This evening at 6pm our dear friend Adi Guru das will be giving an online overview of the beginning of this wonderful book, which is just as relevant to the world now as it has ever been. Please join us at our Facebook page for a very special live broadcast and Q&A to help us understand how to truly live in such materially difficult times. Hare Krishna!

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