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About Us

Everybody wants to be happy, right? That's not too hard to understand.

But how come lasting happiness can seem so elusive?

The universal, non-sectarian philosophy of bhakti yoga - the yoga of love and devotion has the answers.


Written down thousands of years ago in famous texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, the spiritual teachings of Sri Krishna are the oldest in the world.


What's more, they can penetrate the hearts of everybody and easily elevate us to a natural, blissful state of "Krishna consciousness", free from the stresses and anxieties of modern life: despite it's apparent "age", this practice is as timelessly fresh and relevant now as it ever has been.

The formula is simple: musical mantra meditation; philosophical discussion; spiritual food cooked with love and devotion, and the company of likeminded people.


Add in things like art, drama, poetry, dance, animal protection, cultural festivals, sustainable agriculture and travel and you start to get an idea of how rich, rewarding - and vitally important - spiritual life can be. 

Since 2016​ we've been making this available - free of charge - to the people of Canterbury and beyond through our various programs and events. 

Irrespective of your religious, spiritual, political, economic or cultural background, everyone is welcome to come and sample the warm invitation of Krishna Consciousness, and experience the kind of happiness which can never be exhausted!

"Krishna is the best friend of everyone. So if you want friendship, make friendship with Krishna. He'll protect you, and he'll satisfy you in all respects"

Srila Prabhupada