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We need your help to transform the city that we live in.

As you may know, we are currently without a premises once we leave Rose Lane in the next few weeks.

At this crossroads we’ve been busy exploring different options, as well as reading & appreciating everyone’s words of gratitude, and your offers of help and support (there have been a LOT of those).

One common thread in the messages is that a lot of people feel that we captured something of the soul of the city that we all love and live in - something truly unique, and which hasn’t been found here for a very long time - if ever. Naturally, we now feel more determined than ever to find a new home for The Big Drum, and reciprocate with the love and support that everyone has shown us of the last weeks and months.

So, we are encouraging everyone to sign our petition, share it with loved ones and spread the word!

This petition will help us to serve thousands more free meals, save more food from landfill, develop a climate-neutral space for our kirtan, yoga and wellbeing adventures and much more.

In 2023 we aim to to give away 20k meals - double the amount of free meals we distributed this year. Right now this petition is one of the best ways we can clearly communicate our collective desire to collaborate, relocate & continue to develop the amazing things that we have done together!

Could you please spare a minute or two today to sign and share it?

Combining café culture with yoga, meditation & devastatingly

good food, The Big Drum is a pioneering Community Interest Company that's bringing healing to the high street.

If there's one thing that we know, it's this: what the world needs

most is love, and the streets are the best place to give it. Our

philosophy is that "nobody ever became poor by giving", and we're sharing that with the world from our home in the heart of east Kent.

Explore our events calendar below for:

Yoga & Meditation
Pop-up cafes selling exquisite veggie & plant-based dishes

Ayurvedic health workshops
Arts & Performance events

Free community meal programs

and sign up to our subscription service for exclusive discounts

& special bonuses!

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